Wow, it has been a busy few months!  I took a few months off.  Life was crazy.  I was running two businesses, my husband had heart failure and had to have his heart shocked, I broke my foot, and all in the middle of baseball season.  I had to step back and focus on my family for a while.  But, I'm BACK!  My foot is still broken and my life is still chaos, but I couldn't stay away from what I love.  I will be back on a very limited basis due to my husbands new work schedule and my kids travel baseball team schedule.  I've adjusted my pricing for 2017 to reflect my extremely limited availability, you can find that on the investment page.  I'm also currently not booking any weddings, due to the fact that it's just hard to strep away from my family for that long of a period of time, as well as the fact that my broken foot isn't healed and really might not be the same for quite some time, so while I can walk, I definitely couldn't be on it all day for a wedding.  I have missed all of my clients so much.  Some of you have found new photographers while I took time off and I completely understand, but I hope I'll get to see your smiling faces again soon.  I've missed being able to be creative, and I'm so excited for some new things to come this year in my business and photography style.  Here's to a great summer!